About North Delta

On February 24, 1969, North Delta Economic Development District Council, Inc. was formed under the provision of Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, Title 12. The articles of incorporation were amended on July 13, 1972 to change the name of the organization to North Delta Regional Planning & Development District, Inc. By Executive Order in 1973 we became one of eight regional planning and development districts created by the Louisiana Legislature.

Programs conducted by North Delta Regional Planning & Development District, Inc. include planning (OCOG, FHWA, FTA, SAFETY, Reapportionment, etc.), elderly assistance (Area Agency on Aging and Ombudsman) and economic development (revolving loan programs, EDA, grantsmanship, etc.) to name a few. We assist our member parishes, including police juries and municipalities, in a variety of ways. We also assist the general public in the furtherance of the public good.