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Meeting and Agenda - Emphasis Area Leaders

December 28, 2017


Cynthia Perdue                  NELA Highway Safety Partnership     318-502-2992
Randal Lowery                  LSP- Troop F                                        318-805-3527
Sara Dickerson, RN           LSP-Troop F                                        318-355-2410
Bobby Brinkerhoff            LSP-Troop F                                         318-376-2615
Michael Reichardt             LSP-Troop F                                         318-557-5174
Mary Barrios                     Children’s Coalition                              337-257-2122
Casey Williamson             LSP-Troop F                                         318-345-0000  
John Peters                        LSP-Troop F                                         318-345-0009 
Philip Zalewski                 LSP-Troop F                                         318-547-2592 
Eric Cuenca                      LSP-Troop F                                          318-729-2301 
Natalie Sistrunk                DOTD                                                   318-342-0105  
Tommy Lewis                   LSP-Troop F                                         318-557-6123 
John Eason                        DOTD-Retired                                      318-372-1433 
Susan Thompson               La. Tech                                                318-542-2685




Introductions were made and Tommy announced that John Peters will be taking his place when he retires at the end of May. Tommy also introduced Eric Cuenca would be joining the Partnership and working with the Infrastructure & Operations Emphasis area, while new member Casey Williamson also join the Partnership and will be working with the new Distracted Drivers Emphasis Area.

A list of Emphasis Area Team Leaders will be sent out to Partnership Members.

Cynthia Perdue

Cynthia announced that the Partnership has been tentatively approved for a grant from the La. Highway Safety Commission for Pedestrian and Bike education. A discussion followed about different types of grants that may be available. Emphasis Area leaders will forward to Cynthia any information they may come across on grants that she can investigate.

Paperwork needs to be sent to the Commission to finalize the grant.

Cynthia Perdue

Natalie would like to see Infrastructure plans from some of the other coalitions around the state to see what they are doing in an effort to contribute to the Destination Zero Deaths goal.

Collect other Infrastructure and Operation Emphasis Area Plans and send to Natalie.

Cynthia Perdue







A discussion was held on getting information out to Partnership members and others on social media. Tommy asked Mary if she could try to set up a demonstration at the next Partnership meeting. Cynthia said she is trying to get a new Facebook page set up and also be able to provide more information online. Michael suggested Emphasis Area Leaders be named as administrators on the web site and Facebook so they can provide information, progress, and activities directly to the sites. Mary also suggested that some departments at ULM may be interested in providing interns that could be helpful in using their social media skills.

Need social media plan. Investigate possibility of interns to help with Partnership social media.

Mary Barrios, Cynthia Perdue




A strong effort has been made to educate the public and interested parties in the upcoming Car Safety Tech class to be held Jan 10-13 at the Fire Safety Center in West Monroe. Currently there are only two official sites with trained techs in our 12 parish region. We hope training held locally will allow more people to participate and offer child safety seat checks and installation.

Please help get the word out about the classes. Sara and Michael will be in attendance and speak about car checks currently underway and how successful graduates of the program can set up a program of their own in their communities.

Sara Dickerson, Michael Reichardt

Michael Reichardt gave an update on the PSA’s Vantage Health Care is shooting for the Partnership. The first one has been completed. The second shooting had to be postponed because of bad weather.

Get an update on rescheduling shooting of second PSA with Michael and the helicopter.

Michael Reichardt

Cynthia asked that Emphasis Area Leaders try to recruit members for their group from people they know who may have an interest in that particular area. Much of the work we do to prevent highway deaths and serious injury will be done in these groups.

Cynthia asked leaders to check their schedules and let her know the best dates/days for upcoming Emphasis Area meetings. Cynthia also asked leaders to try to choose 3 top priorities from our actions plans to work on first this year and/or add new goals if priorities have changed.

Emphasis Area Leaders

The next meeting date for the full Highway Safety Partnership will be February 7 at State Police Troop F, 1240 HWY594.










 February 7, 2018
10 AM-12:30PM

LSP Troop F Headquarters
 1240 Hwy 594
Monroe, LA

Opening Remarks and Introductions                                 Capt. Tommy Lewis/LSP-F

New Year, New Opportunities                                           Cynthia Perdue-Partnership Coordinator


DOTD Update                                                                      Marshall Hill              


Report Outs from Emphasis Area Team Leaders

Young Drivers                                                                       

                                    Occupant Protection

Distracted Drivers

                                    Impaired Drivers

                                    Infrastructure & Operations

Upcoming Safety Campaigns                                              Cynthia Perdue
                                    2/14-Valentine’s Day Safety-Buckle Up!  Do it for Love

                                    3/17-St. Patrick’s Day- Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

                                    April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

                                    4/9-13 Work Zone Awareness Week

                                    5/14-6/3-National Click it or Ticket-Occupant Protection Enforcement Mobilization    


North Louisiana Joint Campaigns Initiative                                       Cynthia Perdue   

Working with Northwest Safety Coalition and other partners to plan special blanket campaigns meeting needs and mission of those organizations and our own.  Spread the word and be heard!


Child Passenger Safety Awareness Class in Spanish                        Cynthia Perdue
The LA Passenger Safety Task Force is announcing a 2 hour awareness course completely in Spanish!  This course is geared towards caregivers in the Hispanic Community, to increase awareness in Child Passenger Safety. They are offering 2 sessions.  Both will be on Feb. 17, 2018 at East Jefferson General Hospital at 4200 Houma Blvd. in Metairie.  The first session will be from 10 am – 12 pm (noon).  The second session will be from 1 pm – 4 pm.  There are no differences in the 2 sessions. We will be trying to get such a class for our area in the future.

Northeast Louisiana
Highway Safety Partnership

Emphasis Area Leaders for 2018

 Young Drivers
Philip Zalewski
Susan Thompson
Mary Barrios

Occupant Protection
Michael Reichardt
Sarah Dickerson

Distracted Drivers
Casey Williamson            
Randal Lowery

Impaired Drivers
Bobby Brinkerhoff

Infrastructure & Operations
Natalie Sistrunk
Bridget Skinner
Eric Cuenca

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