Northeast Louisiana Highway Safety Partnership

The Northeast Louisiana Highway Safety Partnership, is a traffic safety coalition comprised of multidisciplinary partners/agencies throughout the parishes of Caldwell, East Carroll, Jackson, Franklin, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, Tensas, Union, and West Carroll.

Tasked with the implementation of the regional version of the LA Strategic Highway Safety Plan, coined the Northeast Louisiana Highway Safety Partnership, the dedicated team of partners are charged with implementing highway safety projects and programs across the Northeast Region in an effort to reduce fatalities and serious injuries in the region.

Utilizing the 4E Approach (Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Emergency Medical Services), our Northeast Regional Safety Coalition partners, in collaboration with Federal Highway Administration, Louisiana DOTD, Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, the Monroe MPO and other LA Metropolitan Planning Organizations, LSU Highway Safety Research Group, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, and other federal, state, regional and local partners work together to analyze data, identify strategies, prioritize resources and implement data-driven action steps from our 5 emphasis areas:

  • Impaired Driving (alcohol & drugged related)
  • Occupant Protection (proper restraint of adults, teens, children and infants)
  • Crashes Involving Young Drivers (15-24 years of age involved in a crash)
  • Infrastructure & Operations (Roadway Departure & Intersection related crashes)
  • Vulnerable Road Users (Pedestrian, Bicycle & Motorcycle involved crashes)



Below is a list of agencies that commonly comprise membership of the regional coalitions: (HOWEVER, WE WELCOME ANY PARTNER(S) INTERESTED IN TRAFFIC SAFETY)

  • Representatives from state/federal agencies (FHWA, DOTD, State Police and Highway Safety Commission, OMV and ATC)
  • State Police Troops, Sheriff’s Offices and Local Police Departments
  • Parish School Boards and Universities
  • Parish/City Government (or in some cases, Parish Police Jury)
  • Safety Advocacy Groups (i.e MADD, ADAC, Bicycle Groups, Runners Association, Neighborhood Watch, etc.)
  • State Hospitals and Trauma Centers
  • Fire Departments and Ambulance Groups
  • District Attorney and/or ADA Offices
  • DOTD Districts
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