Funded through the Federal Highways Administration and the Federal Transit Administration, with matching funds from local government, this program allows northeast Louisiana in attaining Federal and State grants for infrastructure development and improvement and assists the City of Monroe in improving its transit system. With respect to metropolitan planning, OCOG’s main objectives are to discuss the planning priorities facing the metropolitan planning area and describe all metropolitan transportation activities. OCOG is the staff for the Monroe MPO, as designated by the Governor and local governments. As such, OCOG must consider all modes of transportation within the planning area boundaries that are determined by the MPO and Governor.


OCOG provides the metropolitan area with a 25-year long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) that includes local projects for inclusion in the Transportation Improvement Program(TIP) and the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP).

Transportation Improvement Program

Funded through the Federal Highways Administration and the Federal Transit Administration, with matching funds from local government, the TIP is a 4 year program of projects that must be fiscally constrained. The MPO must provide opportunity for public review. Projects are selected cooperatively by the MPO and State and incorportated into the TIP without modification. The TIP must be updated at least every two years, and includes an annual listing of projects with funds obligated.

Management Process – MPO Committees and Staff

Transportation Policy Committee

Voting Members

  • Mayor Friday Ellis, Monroe
  • Mayor Staci Albritton Mitchell, West Monroe
  • Councilman Doug Harvey, Monroe
  • Alderman Thom Hamilton, West Monroe
  • Scotty Robinson, Ouachita Parish Police Jury, Chairman
  • Shane Smiley, Ouachita Parish Police Jury
  • Marshall Hill, District 5 Office, DOTD
  • Mary Stringfellow, FHWA Louisiana Region
  • Laura Wall, FTA Region VI


  • Mayor of Richwood
  • Mayor of Sterlington


Voting Members

  • City Engineer Kim Golden – City of Monroe
  • Arthur Holland – City of Monroe
  • John Tom Murry – Ouachita Parish Police Jury
  • Kevin Crosby – Ouachita Parish Police Jury
  • Scott Olvey – City of West Monroe
  • Robbie George – City of West Monroe
  • Marc Keenan – City of Monroe – Monroe Transit Authority


  • Dawn Sholmire â€“ DOTD State Planning Section
  • Marshall Hill â€“ District 5 Office DOTD
  • Marc Keenan – Monroe Regional Airport Authority
  • Sue Nicholson â€“ Monroe Chamber of Commerce
  • Casey Lewis – DOTD Public Transportation Section
  • Mary Stringfellow – FHWA Louisiana Regional Representative
  • Representative from the Ouachita Port
  • Ronesha Hodge – FTA Region VI


  • Doug Mitchell – Executive Director
  • Susan Mitchell – Safety Coordinator
  • Tyler Burdeaux – Planner II/GIS
  • Jeffrey Tyler – Planner I
  • Shelby Rybicki – Planner I
  • Jeff Maxwell – CPA Financial Officer
  • Patricia Jackson – Receptionist