About Us

Who we are

On February 24, 1969, North Delta Economic Development District Council, Inc. was formed under the provision of Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, Title 12. The articles of incorporation were amended on July 13, 1972 to change the name of the organization to North Delta Regional Planning & Development District, Inc. In 1973, by Executive Order, we became one of eight regional planning and development districts created by the Louisiana Legislature.

Our Mission 

North Delta serves the public sector with planning and implementation of community, economic, and transportation development throughout Northeast Louisiana to improve the region for all.

What we do

Programs conducted by North Delta RP&DD include planning (OCOG, FHWA, FTA, Safety, Reapportionment, etc.) and economic development (EDA, grantsmanship, etc.). We assist our member parishes, including police juries and municipalities, in a variety of ways. We also assist the general public in the furtherance of the public good.

North Delta Budget Summary

Our Staff

Douglas Mitchell

Executive Director


Tracy Ausberry

Regional Development Director


Susan Mitchell

Regional Safety Coordinator


Tyler Burdeaux

GIS/Planner II


Jeffrey Tyler

Planner I

Shelby Rybicki

Planner I


Celine Flores-Robinson

Planner I


Jacqualine Closure

Planner I


Patricia Jackson



Jeffrey Maxwell


Contact Us


3000 Kilpatrick Blvd.

Monroe, LA 71201


Phone: (318) 387-2572


Email: info@northdelta.org