North Delta Regional Planning & Development District, Inc. performs administrative functions and technical assistance with the entire district. Tracy Ausberry with the help of Grayling Hadnott and Jeffrey Tyler spearheads this effort in the areas of research, consulting, and grantsmanship.

Find more information at the Delta Regional Authority website. 

September 17, 2020 Press Release

DRA Announces $4.6 Million Investment into Louisiana Communities

North Delta/DRA Projects

2021 SEDAP Timeline
March 1SEDAP funding opportunity announcement
March 1 – June 6 Deadline to submit applications to LDDs
June 20LDDs complete technical assistance work with applicants and submit final applications
to DRA
July 11DRA staff work complete
August 1Designees have met with Governors
August 8Project determination calls are held
August 22Certification letters received and projects votes closed
Announcements, award documents, notices to proceed follow immediately upon receipt
of certification letters and are coordinated through DRA communications staff

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