North Delta Regional Planning & Development District was established 1969 to assist residents in our 11 parish region to enhance the quality of life and improve our community. We include many departments such as Transportation Planning and Economic Development. We work with multiple programs, organizations, and government departments in order to achieve public community goals.

North Delta covers 11 parishes in Northeast Louisiana with the primary goal in mind to better improve the region’s growth, development, and quality of life for our residents. We promote public collaboration and partnership by providing better public resources such as transportation and improved land use concepts in a continuous effort to promote and progress Northeast Louisiana.

Our organization works on the planning and development of Jackson, Union, Morehouse, Caldwell, Richland, West and East Carroll, Madison, Tensas, Franklin, and Ouachita parishes, assisting local governments in carrying out local, regional, and state plans and recommendations, and program areas such as the Northeast Louisiana Highway Safety Plan, and economic development.

With support and involvement from all members of our society, we can continue to improve the region for all.

Delta Broadband Mapping Project

The DRA region, especially rural areas, lacks adequate digital infrastructure to support access to critical services such as healthcare, distance learning, and remote work. In response to these challenges, DRA has launched the Delta Broadband Mapping Project. Through an innovative online crowd-sourcing platform, DRA has launched this year-long effort to gauge broadband accessibility throughout its eight-state region. DRA needs as many residents as possible to take this internet speed test to develop an accurate representation availability across the 252 counties and parishes.

Thrive to Survive the Drive

A Distracted Driver in Louisiana is one who is actively engaging in any activity that diverts his/her attention from the task of driving. The
distraction could be manual, visual, or cognitive and may be inside or outside of the vehicle. This statewide contest hopes to encourage
young drivers to advocate for safe driving decisions and become the voice of positive messaging in their respective campuses and
communities. In 2019, a study by NHTSA found that Louisiana is the 7th deadliest state for distracted driving fatalities.

The regular meeting of the Ouachita Council of Governments is scheduled for the fourth Monday of every month, at 12 noon, in the Council Chambers of the Monroe Government Plaza.

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