Impaired Driving

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over!

You can’t drive safely if you’re impaired. That’s why it’s illegal everywhere in America to drive under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, opioids, methamphetamines, or any potentially impairing drug prescribed or over the counter. Driving while impaired by any substance, legal or illegal, puts you and others in harm’s way.

In 2021, more than 40% of the motor vehicle crashes in Louisiana were alcohol-related. These alcohol-related crashes resulted in 315 fatalities. To address the issue, the Strategic Highway Safety Plan combines high visibility enforcement with education and media efforts. The No Refusal Policy is implemented to heighten public safety awareness that DWI is a crime, not simply a traffic offense. State and local law enforcement officials work year-round to identify impaired drivers and get them off our roads.

The NELA HSP supports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign and the “If You Feel Different You Drive Different, Drive High Get a DUI” campaign to combat impaired driving.

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

In 2018, 29% of deadly traffic crashes involved a drunk driver. Learn more about drunk driving here, and always remember to plan a sober ride home. 

If you Feel Different, You Drive Different - Drive High Get a DUI

Did you know that you can also get a DUI for driving under the influence of drugs? Driving while impaired by any substance – legal or illegal – puts you and others in harm’s way.

Responsible Behavior

We can all save lives by making smarter choices.

1. Plan ahead for a sober driver if you plan to drink or use an impairing drug.

2. If someone you know has been drinking or is under the influence of drugs, do not let that person get behind the wheel. Take their keys and help them arrange a sober ride home.

3. If you’re hosting a party where alcohol or other substances will be used, it’s your job to make sure all guests leave with a sober driver.

4. Always wear your seat belt, it’s your best defense against impaired drivers

If you see an impaired driver on the road, contact local law enforcement. Your actions could help save someone’s life.

Click here to see the 2023 Impaired Driving Action Plan.


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